Untangle The Worlds Longest Cord In New Arcade Puzzler

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Hi! I'm Nick Zangus, an Italian Indie Game Developer. Let me introduce you to XTRIK, the first endless arcade untangler! How many times have you found yourself in the nightmare of untangle headphone cords? Well, this game has led that to the extreme! XTRIK is equally challenging, but definitely more fun! The game core is very easy: a simple touch between two strings to swap them, don’t let any knots reach the spikes. Seems trivial, but I assure you that it will push both your reflexes and analytical skills to their limit! Key Features: -Endless gameplay -Simple interaction -Colorful themes -Simple & beautiful graphics style -Online leaderboards -Achievements I would be very grateful if you would give me some feedback about the game. Cheers, Nick Zangus