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#4 Product of the DayMay 21, 2015

An all-in-one strategy and communications platform.

The new way to create, collaborate on, manage and share visual projects.



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Alper CakirMaker@alper_cakir · CEO, Xtensio
Hello Product Hunters! We are a creative team working with startups every day. As a big part of our job, we go through various exercises to define UX/UI design direction, branding and marketing strategy. We've been creating templates to streamline our process. With Xtensio, we turned them into free interactive tools: - User Persona Creator - One Pager Builder - Lean Canvas Creator - Fundraising Summary - SWOT Analysis - Blank Slate Xtensio is now in public beta. We can't wait to see what you'll create with it and would love to hear your thoughts!
Marc Anthony Rosa@marc_rosa · Product Manager @ Getty Images
@alpercakir love this product. These are the crucial tools I work with on a weekly/monthly basis. Really excited to see this tool.
Alper CakirMaker@alper_cakir · CEO, Xtensio
@marc_rosa I am so glad! Today we're getting awesome feedback and we'll steer the product further with it.
Clarissa Celestino@youloveclarissa · Product
@alpercakir I'm super excited to try. 😀
Asli SonceleyMaker@sonceley · Chief @FakeCrow Maker @Xtensio
Great! @youloveclarissa Can't wait to hear your thoughts.
This is a great suite of tools - and free???? Yes. Worth it alone for the User Persona construction tool.
Asli SonceleyMaker@sonceley · Chief @FakeCrow Maker @Xtensio
Thanks Lee! The Persona Creator is definitely a popular tool. We're hearing good things about it every day from our users. Happy to hear any suggestions to make it even better! @docuguy
Alper CakirMaker@alper_cakir · CEO, Xtensio
Thank you Lee! @docuguy
Ali MeseHiring@meseali · http://growthsupply.com/
Congrats guys! Looking great! Especially UPC and Blank State - so needed them! :)
Alper CakirMaker@alper_cakir · CEO, Xtensio
@meseali thank you Ali! We're super excited.
Asli SonceleyMaker@sonceley · Chief @FakeCrow Maker @Xtensio
@meseali Good to hear it's coming in handy. We're looking forward to see what you create with them.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Show investors, stakeholders, backers, team members and customers the status of your business in a friendly and easy way. Raising money for example? Make the perfect intro. Give investors a quick and powerful overview of your business, with meaningful data.
Alper CakirMaker@alper_cakir · CEO, Xtensio
Thank you for hunting us @bramk
Asli SonceleyMaker@sonceley · Chief @FakeCrow Maker @Xtensio
Thanks for finding us all these months ago. @bramk. Xtensio has evolved a lot during this time. Presentation tools you mention are still a huge aspect of it. We now introduced internal brainstorming and planning tools, like the User Persona Creator, or the Lean Canvas. Getting great response so far.
UI looks great! I would def use it :)
Asli SonceleyMaker@sonceley · Chief @FakeCrow Maker @Xtensio
Great to hear that @ozlembilis! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments.