XS2 Exchange

Crypto exchange with great customer service

Why isn’t there an exchange that cares about you as a customer and resolves my support tickets, is transparent about their operations, is designed from the ground up to keep my funds safe from hackers and other criminals, gives me information about what I’m trading?

We wanted an exchange that doesn’t feel like a casino. So we built one.

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I've been using this since the first private beta and it's been great. Fundamentally, 100% of the customers' crypto assets are kept in cold storage, making me feel like my funds are safe from hackers, and the XS2key security they've implemented means a hacker would have to have access to one of my approved devices to trade, which would basically mean holding me hostage. XS2 has been funded by the founders, not by an ICO or venture capital so I feel like it actually has the capital backing it needs rather than in theory being able to access the capital backing it needs. Simple 0.1% commission on trades for all customers, no matter how big or small. Available for iOS as well as desktop browser.


Seems simpler, more secure and the customer service is great


It's a 1.0 so I suppose there may still be things to improve

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Customer Service is something that crypto exchange platforms universally lack- this a great next step towards mass adoption.
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great platform, hope it takes off like it should


ease of use, security


new to market

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@Bart Jellema - Is the exchange live? On Exchange page the prices of each coin are not clear. I mean I am not able to see the prices of coins.