Your own all-purpose animated avatar

XPRESSO is an app that allows real-time personalization of your avatars & messages that can be shared on your social media chats as awesome GIF animations.

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Hi PHs, Happy to be hunted. I am Uday, CEO & Co-founder of XPRESSO. We are making user conversations Personal, Expressive & Playful. With Our App XPRESSO you can create your avatar,animate your messages and share it as GIFs. XPRESSO is all about personalization of your emotions and making you expressive in fun & meaningful way. Checkout our app and drop us your feedback. Happy to answer your questions. Happy XPRESSING.
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@udayk158 it doesnt work for me , when im done, all it keeps saying is "ERROR CREATING GIF" so I have not even been able to try it out after spending a lot of time creating it !
Hi Guys, I am the CTO of Mobigraph, company behind Xpresso. @Mobigraph our goal is to enhance digital communication and bring it as close to real life communication. In a real life conversation, non visual cues body language & facial expression play a great role in conveying the meaning, which is missing in the predominantly textual digital communication.With Xpresso we want to enable people to emote express better with personalised avatars & animations which embody facial expression & body language. Moreover, we have a simple REST API based interface via which developers of other apps can easily integrate our offering into their product. I hope via this forum , we get like minded developers who want to push the bar higher on digital communication. Please share what you think.
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My initial thought was that this is too similar to bitmoji, but the fact that I can customize the emojis and there are animations makes a world of a difference! :) great job guys :D
@kydyzyx We are glad that you liked the product. Thanks a lot :)
@kydyzyx Thanks. Do share the awesomeness

Have been using this product regularly

The expressions are very cute and funny


Very cute expressions. Easy customizations.


Suggestion to included baby related animations like baby shower baby birth announcements

Your suggestion to include baby related animations has been duly noted. Keep XPRESSING :)

I think, I may recomend that for my friends :)




not yet

Thanks a lot Samuel. Keep XPRESSING :)