100% native cross promotion platform for mobile developers

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Hey everyone. We're open to answering any questions about the Xplode platform.
Congrats, @codyk, @andray, and the rest of the team. Iddicition has been fun to watch. You've built everything from a fun photo-caption app to an "app of the day" discovery app. Coming from PlayHaven, I'm curious to hear about your decision to enter this competitive space.
Very cool, so does this work like a full screen in app advertisement that takes you to the related apps screen?
@Anderson760 the cross-promotion grid can be shown in-app by either a handle that sits at the bottom or top of your interface, or via specific breakpoints that you set in your code. It's fullscreen and 100% native. If you tap on an app that you don't already have, it prompts an app store sheet so you can download it. If you tap on an app that you already have, it takes you to that app.
@codyk following up w/ @rrhoover comments, curious to hear about how you went from a fun photo-caption app to this space. Mobile discovery has always been a pain, people talk about the pre page rank phase we are in. Would love to hear your thoughts on it as well.