Skill based collaboration inside Slack

Xpertz allows colleagues to use expertise tags to showcase the skills they bring to the team. Search for people to collaborate with based on skills, and validate those interactions resulting in leveling up of those skills to show off to your coworkers!

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Illya Bakurov
@Vibes Memes & @RBC
Hello Hunters, Brandon and I were working in the enterprise scale company, when we realized that it is almost impossible to conveniently collaborate with your colleagues from outside of your team. All medium to large scale companies put all their resources into acquiring best talent possible, but once the talent is acquired it is hard to build the environment in which people will collaborate effectively without a huge time commitments. If you ever had an amazing idea that you wanted to build then you know how hard it is to find co-founders inside of your own organization. Xpertz can help! It is a Slack application that is easily integrates into your workspace, and after adding the expertise tags, employees can search for, find, and get help about any problem that they might be facing. Ultimately, it is a discovery tool, where you connect with your colleagues to collaborate on your next big idea! We would love to hear what you think about it, and how we can work together to improve collaboration of your team!
Dan FeinProduct Manager
@ibakurov If they're on your team, won't you know already?
Brandon Best
Software Eng | Podcaster | Entrepreneur
@ibakurov @daniel_fein Great question Daniel! This is targeted for large Slack teams (say 50+) where keeping track of everybody's skills becomes challenging or you don't know everyone. There are many Slack workspaces that are collaborative hubs open to everyone that people join to assist in making all sorts of things (Microsoft just acquired one called Botkit that deals with Slack bots specifically). Another instance is Enterprise Grid Slack Teams which can literally span over 1,000 people. We hope this won't be only used for search but also an easy way to validate peoples expertise so they get recognized for their contributions!