Handles your business expenses from receipt to accounting

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Ria Blagburn
Team Integrator, Vanti
A handy tool for freelances especially, and offers integration with many of the major accounting apps (e.g. Xero, QuickBooks, Freshbooks). HT to @jonbstrong for recommending!
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Jonathan Baillie Strong
Community builder, podcasting geek
@riaface You're welcome! I've found this particularly useful for scanning receipts, it automatically does ORC (text recognition) so you don't have to do any manual data entry afterwards and can throw away the paper receipts :) A huge time saver for freelancers!
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Joris Brabants
Business owner at Greenlife
Hi guys, thanks for listing Xpenditure today. @riaface it's a handy tool indeed for freelancers, but we're serving SME's and larger corporations as well. For a freelancer it can save a lot of time because of the OCR receipt scanning and the integrations with online accounting software. Expenses made abroad in a foreign currency get converted instantly to your base currency. SME's and corporations like our expense approval flow and the expense rules that they can set up for their employees (e.g. no expenses during weekends, which gets detected automatically). It's a time saver for both employee, accountant and business owner. When your employees are traveling, you get a real-time overview of the expenses, instead of waiting untill they get back (and probably lost some receipts along the way). Our goal is to eliminate the expense reports as we know them today by digitizing the entire flow from receipt to accounting.
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