Your Sketch color assets in Xcode

xPal is a small tool that takes the artboards from a page in Sketch and generates an asset catalog for your Xcode project that contains all the colors named and grouped appropriately.

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1 Review5.0/5
@reddavis Congratulations on the launch! 🚀 I believe products with a very clear focus has a bright future ahead. xPal is one of this products. It does one thing but does it so well! I'll definitely add it to my toolbox 🙂
Hey! I’m Red, one half of the team that built xPal. We built xPal when implementing Dark Mode with our other app, Quids, and thought we'd add some polish and release it! We'd love to hear your feedback.
Looks very cool. Congrats with the launch!
Who's design the app icon? it's really good icons!! 16px icon included
@nobtaka That was @dizzyup! He did all the design things 👨‍🎨
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