XOR Drive

Encrypted & decentralized file storage.

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👮Use blockchain based identity to access your files from anywhere securely.

🔐All your files are stored encrypted with keys only you control (no centralized entities storing your keys/passwords).

🌎You have the option to choose where you store your data.

Niklas Pivic
Gavin Low
  • Niklas Pivic
    Niklas PivicTech Writer, music lover, avid reader.

    Unlimited storage, blockchain-encrypted solution. Not spied on, never been unavailable.


    No standalone app to reach files, hard to upload loads of files at once.

    Devs are super-responsive and nice. The app is improving. I've uploaded loads of files without any real issues.

    Niklas Pivic has used this product for one month.
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Edin Vejzovic
Edin Vejzovic@edinvejzovic · Designer, marketing-er, and a talker.
Well, I just posted my nudes there. Now we wait.
Patrick Stanley
Patrick StanleyHiring@patrickwstanley · Head of Growth, Blockstack
@edinvejzovic Party on Edin!
Muneeb Majeed
Muneeb Majeed@muneebram
@edinvejzovic We are planning to release private share feature soon, so you could share them with whoever you like securely and encrypted ;)
Muneeb Majeed
Muneeb MajeedMaker@muneeb_majeed
Hello PH! If you are wondering why do we need another file storage solution, here is why we built XOR Drive: 1. If you are using XOR Drive, nobody can deny you access to your files. There is no centralized entity controlling your access. You own completely the identity you use for accessing your files. Prevent big corporations from shutting you down from their services and accessing/selling your data. 2. You don't need any additional tools to encrypt your data. XOR Drive stores all your files encrypted by default. 3. You have the option to choose where you want to store your data. XOR Drive uses @blockstack 's storage system called Gaia to store data. Gaia acts as an overlay on top of existing commodity storage systems (including cloud storage, server hosted by you or other decentralized storage systems). You can attach the Gaia hub you want to your identity, and XOR Drive uses the connected Gaia hub to read and write files. 4. When you get started, you get signed up by default for the FREE Gaia storage provided by Blockstack PBC. Yes, that's right, you get FREE encrypted storage. Get started already! Access your files from anywhere without compromising your data ownership. We have tons of new features in our roadmap; please follow us @xordrive to get updates. We'd love to hear your feedback/suggestions and feel free to DM us on @xordrive if you have any questions. Powered by @blockstack Thank you all! - XOR Drive team
Sorin Amzu
Sorin Amzu@sorinamzu · Online Performance Manager at Evonomix
@blockstack @xordrive @muneeb_majeed How much free storage is included in the basic plan? Cheers!
Muneeb Majeed
Muneeb Majeed@muneebram
@blockstack @xordrive @muneeb_majeed @sorinamzu The free storage is provided by Blockstack PBC and right now the storage is unlimited. But in future, they may choose to limit it.
Joe O'Boyle
Joe O'Boyle@joe_oboyle · It
Great Solution , is it open source?
Muneeb Majeed
Muneeb MajeedMaker@muneeb_majeed
@joe_oboyle Not open sourced currently, but we are planning to open source it in near future. Thanks for checking out!
Tsogn@tsognanwar · Founder, The Homeless Hub
Tried it @muneebram - looking forward to update. Issues: 1. didn't pick up on id for public link 2. can't download or view files on public link 3. doesn't play video files and downloads as a zero file 4. how far away are updates?
Muneeb Majeed
Muneeb MajeedMaker@muneeb_majeed
@muneebram @tsognanwar Thanks for trying, we are looking into this issues. You can expect an update in a few days.