XO Dating Games

Have better conversations and build better connections

XO is a dating app with icebreaker games, on a mission to help people make better connections by having fun together. How do you organize fun? Well, it turns out there’s an ancient art that’s been developed by humans over thousands of years called “games.”
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We’re excited to be here on Product Hunt! Our goal at XO is to be a place to have fun. While other apps focus on a specific outcome like a relationship or hookup, we want to create a shared experience. We believe games have the unique ability to open us up to truly connect with one another. This matters now, more than ever. The idea for XO started when my cofounders Nicholas and Andy were building mobile games and launched one game that, in particular, drove a lot of conversations. And — starting a conversation is one of the main pain points on dating apps, so they decided to bring dating and games together. We launched a geo-beta in Toronto last November and have used our time there to refine the app’s feature set and overall experience. We are thrilled with what we are launching today but also know it is only the beginning of an entirely new way to meet people and develop meaningful relationships. We welcome your feedback and questions!
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I cringe when it comes to dating apps, have never been on one and find them shallow and superfluous, I strongly believe that the current crop of dating apps were designed to make you look larger than life, with swanky corporate lines and design. It feels like you are "shopping" ! BUT, What XO is able to illustrate is that dating is not shopping for a fake Gucci bag at cheap price to be used for an event overnight ! It seems to be in the DNA of the XO design to be chill, playful, easy, with guards down, and super casual. This coffee table casualness seems like the right experience to bring out cheerful human conversations. I bet most people who opted-out on current dating platforms will give this one a try. Well done XO team. Best wishes.
@vvpreetham totally - treating people like commodities makes everyone feel less human. And you're right - XO is a different vibe and we've heard people say it's the first dating app they've wanted to use.
Seems like a fun app with twist.
@realdesigntack Thanks Vaibhav! Fun is what we're all about 🎉
what a fun and different addition to the dating app scene - which can be so impersonal and shallow. love the concept and the app has a great look and feel - well done team!!
@lauren_rosenthal Thank you Lauren! Major kudos to our designer, one of the best illustrators I know!
XO is a fun new take on social dating apps that gives you a way to break the ice beyond the oh-so-typical "sup" or "hey" openers that seem all too common! With an emphasis on fun and gameplay up-front, I wonder how the quality of XO's outcomes will compare to other apps that have become more popular for short term hookups. 🤔 I also wonder if this approach will have adverse outcomes for sore losers! 😱
@chrismessina Thanks Chris! We are hearing from beta users that their conversations on XO are completely different because of the games 😀