Handy screenshot & annotation tool for macOS.🖥

Xnip has scrolling capture, window capture, color picker, various image annotation tools and a lot of features. Super easy to use.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hi, I am Zeke Zhang, maker of Xnip. Xnip is first macOS app I made. I have spent so much time to make Xnip better and better. I hope you’ll like it!
@ezekielzzd This application would be PERFECT with one small change: add a stroke to the annotation features so that annotations stand out against similarly shaded backgrounds.
That's great! I love scrolling capture very much!
@j_j_stone Glad you like Xnip. I will keep making it better.❤️
Small, smooth and helpful~ The best capture tool on macOS I've ever used! Better than snagit(too big) and snipaste(the ux is just not satisfying)
@leverest Thank you❤️
I have been using mac built in screenshot capture tool and it is not easier to use. But this tool seems easier to use and have more features. Definitely gonna use it.
Awesome!!! I love this work so much! It is the best screenshot app I have used on Mac. So I think you can throw other screenshot app you are using now. I promise you will fall in love with Xnip! ❤️❤️❤️
@curly_lin Thank you.❤️
@ezekielzzd Looking forward to your updating of Xnip!