πŸš€ One command to generate REST APIs for any MySql Database.

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πŸ”₯ Generates API for ANY MySql database

πŸ”₯ Powerful & Intuitive query interface

πŸ”₯ Usual suspects: CRUD, List, Count, Exists, Distinct

πŸ”₯ Relations, Paging, Sorting, Filtering (rows & columns too)

πŸ”₯ Bulk ops: insert-read-delete

πŸ”₯ Aggregate functions, Group By,Chart API

πŸ”₯ Multiple table joins !!

πŸ”₯ Supports Docker & AWS Lambda

Deniz Vatan
Mike Hacker
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  • Mike Hacker
    Mike HackerWeb Developer

    Very helpful for UI dev work


    JWT auth would be amazing.

    Keep up the amazing work!

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o1labMaker@o1lab Β· software
Hello Product Hunters! Generating REST APIs for an existing (MySql) database which does not follow conventions of frameworks such as rails, django, laravel etc is a hairy adventure that one should better avoid. Hence I started Xmysql - a solution to scratch a simple itch. In the beginning I just needed REST APIs to learn new frontend frameworks such as Vue, Nuxt etc. Early vision of this framework was to build a tool for fast prototyping. In the process of building these APIs - I kept adding features which I felt will be cool. And soon this list grew. Below are the current features. FEATURES: πŸ”₯ Generates API for ANY MySql database πŸ”₯ Serves APIs irrespective of naming conventions of primary keys, foreign keys, tables etc πŸ”₯ Support for composite primary keys πŸ”₯ REST API Usual suspects : CRUD, List, FindOne, Count, Exists, Distinct πŸ”₯ Bulk insert, Bulk delete, Bulk read πŸ”₯ Relations πŸ”₯ Pagination πŸ”₯ Sorting πŸ”₯ Column filtering - Fields πŸ”₯ Row filtering - Where πŸ”₯ Aggregate functions πŸ”₯ Group By, Having (as query params) πŸ”₯ Group By, Having (as a separate API) πŸ”₯ Multiple group by in one API πŸ”₯ Chart API for numeric column πŸ”₯ Auto Chart API - (a gift for lazy while prototyping) πŸ”₯ XJOIN - (Supports any number of JOINS) πŸ”₯ Supports views πŸ”₯ Prototyping (features available when using local MySql server only) πŸ”₯ Run dynamic queries πŸ”₯ Upload single file πŸ”₯ Upload multiple files πŸ”₯ Download file πŸ”₯ Health and version apis πŸ”₯ Use more than one CPU Cores πŸ”₯ Docker support and Nginx reverse proxy config πŸ”₯ AWS Lambda Example In no respect is Xmysql is a complete MVC framework yet. I am currently working on a full feature set of Xmysql which has below features πŸ”₯ Builtin: Authentication, Social Authorization, Sessions, Email, File Scaffolding, Storage πŸ”₯ Payment: Stripe πŸ”₯ Client: Vuejs/Nuxt + Vuetify πŸ”₯ Cloud : Google App Engine πŸ”₯ Microservices: Google cloud functions πŸ”₯ Background tasks: Google Pubsub and Cloud functions Please let me know your feedback and questions on > what can be improved ? Thank you so much for your time.
o1labMaker@o1lab Β· software
Xmysql is writting in Node.js ❀️ Setup npm install -g xmysql xmysql -u dbUsername -p dbPassword -d databaseName Happy hackery!
o1labMaker@o1lab Β· software
* written :)
Roland HorvΓ‘th
Roland HorvΓ‘th@hroland_ Β· 18yo developer, designer, WWDC scholar
Awesome idea, awesome execution! I hope authentication and protected routes are on the roadmap πŸ‘
Robert Hessien
Robert Hessien@robert_hessien
@o1lab Hi, really a wonderful tool, but I strongly need to use it with JWT authorization...Do you have any idea if and how I can add it? Is it something that you're already planning to integrate and release as a next feature?
Mick@mickc79 Β· SongBox Founder / GetFed Co-Founder
If this actually does what it says on the tin then I’m very excited to try it out.
o1labMaker@o1lab Β· software
@mickc79 : Please do try - it won't take more than 30 seconds right from installation :) (assuming you have node and mysql installed)
Brad Bitler
Brad Bitler@bitler Β· Principal UX at Autodesk
Very cool--thanks!
Umut Muhaddisoğlu
Umut Muhaddisoğlu@umut_muhaddisoglu
Although didn't try it yet, it looks awesome and an authentication mechanism will definitely make it much more usable.