XKCD-style password

Generate XKCD-style passwords in your language!

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1Password 6 has this function too and it's awesome.
Just found myself a few new passwords and had lots of fun doing it. Great hunt
This is literally genius ;)
this is good for people not using 1password or similar utilities that will generate the same. little apprehensive using an online one like this as they could be added to lists but. it's cool. i like it. gg
This is great and the "correcthorsebatterystaple" password is absolutely more secure than "Asdf1234" and we should know and accept that however I think we need to move beyond "create a username and password, it's 2016 already" Sign me up and in with other services (Email (ONLY email, like Medium and Sello), Twitter, FB, Google, BitID, Telegram, etc)