Open source icons. A new free pack every 10 days.

Free icons for your next personal and commercial projects. Vector icons, SVG and PNG format. A new icon pack every 10 days.

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Hey, Product Hunters! I’m Carlotta, Icon Designer & Founder at Xicons.co and Xicons.studio I’m going to add a new icon pack in the next days. If you have any special icon request, would be happy to receive your feedback personally 😉 Happy download!
@carlotta_govi They are beautiful - I especially like your business and finance set. I have added you to my curations and to my list of resources for my digital marketing programmes In terms of requests, I would love to see some for things like Amazon Echo/Google Home (Voice) services, for podcasting, video, blogging and live streaming - and if you create some for photography/video creation for mobile content creators it would be great to see smartphones in landscape and portrait as mobile journalists need to work in all aspects now. I hope that helps!
@carlotta_govi Another suggestion - I would love to see you add a mailing list there that we can subscribe to to get a reminder when your new series is available
That’s so helpful — I value the insights provided thanks for sharing @krishnade! Newsletter will be on my priority list fort the next months, meanwhile, you may follow updates by checking my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/xicons... An audio/video pack will be released soon :)
@carlotta_govi Following now - glad the feedback was of assistance - looking forward to seeing whatever you create. Remember to come back here and add a link to where to sign up to your news letter. Or even have some for of email capture on your site saying newsletter coming soon. As you know it's easy to miss Instagram updates with there being so many accounts we might be following and their algorithm!
Thanks @krishnade! Definitely, I will be back with the newsletter info :)