Turn your GoPro footage into awesome video clips

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Hi Hunters, I'm the founder of xcut, and I'd be happy to answer any of your questions!
Love the idea! Watched some of your sample videos and I wish there was some more "post production" quality added. Seems like all you've done is cut together clips, added some stock effects/filters, and maybe sped up/slowed down the speed. Obviously for the asking price of $5-$50, I didn't expect professional quality but is there anything else you plan on adding? I'd love to be able to pay $50 and get an awesome, "professional" (aka GoPro youtube channel like) quality video about ~3 min long!
@azianmike Please don't forget that a lot depends on the footage itself as well. A lot of what you see on GoPro's youtube is filmed professionally using numerous cameras mounted all over using gimbals and equipment which is not usually at hand for the common GoPro owner... When the footage is not ultra awesome, there's so much we can do with it. But usually we can put together an edit which is by far better than the common GoPro owner can expect. Why don't you simply give us a try? it costs nothing ;-)