Sequel to XCOM. Eliminate the alien occupation

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highly recommend playing Xcom: Enemy within first. Great stuff.
@kyee Just got it on Steam! I've never played the games before and figured that'd be a good place to start.
I'm a big fan of the xcom concept, which I discovered through the opensource clone "ufo: alien invasion". I would love to try "the real thing". I see mentioned in the video and on wikipedia page that it's supposed to be released on linux as well, but can't see it on steam (only windows, mac and steamplay releases). Is this somewhere else?
So, if anyone else wonders: the linux build is the steamOS one. Beware though, it has very specific requirements: ubuntu 14.04 (can confirm it works correctly on 15.10), nvidia graphic card, and latest nvidia driver (the one tagged as test release when opening the proprietary driver manager).
if u get it on steam for an extra 20$ u get the steam controller, which is pretty dope
Love this game!