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If they show up here at ProductHunt, my big question is the lag between someone ringing the bell and the video getting to you. When I read the reviews of the Ring Pro and Skybell HD is a 5 second delay. Now, if you ring my bell, it then hops on wifi and finds my iPhone (home or away) what's the timing? Inside of 5 seconds they've rung the bell a second time or walked away.
@filmgeek A possible solution would be to work in some motion detector in conjunction with activating the camera. Not a video-based motion detector, but something more reliable and short range, like an IR detector. Motion detector sees something, "arms" the system and establishes any connections required beforehand, then the video only initiates if someone physically presses the doorbell. IR detectors would easily give a 3-5 second buffer before someone actually reaches the doorbell. The motion false positives wouldn't really matter, since it's basically "2 factor authentication" with the requirement to actually press the doorbell to send any data.
This product is quite large for a doorbell!
@jaceperry Hey Jace, thanks for the comment. It's actually only 4.38" long x 1.9" x 1" and weighs just 5.5 ounces. See more details on the indiegogo page.
sounds like ring.com
@basictechy Hi Andrew, Xchime also includes a garage door opener and smart light-bulb integration option. Learn more details on their website or indiegogo page.