Go all digital with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and build a library of digital games that travels with you and is available in the cloud. Take your cloud saves on the go
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While this harms people that have built up a games collection with no migration path by setting a standard for the future, i saw this coming. I don't mind digital services so long as they have a clearly-defined policy on ownership. Games can be revoked with a no notice due to licenses expiring etc...
@itsnblackburn I think as long as prices are lowered, so that it's inline with PC game prices, it should be fine. Whether or not this decision actually leads to lower prices is yet to be seen though.
@kay0stheory Prices are mostly consistent with PC already except in rare cases so i don't consider that to be an issue. The real issue is around if you buy a game do you own it or are you mearly leasing it. Steam while not perfect has pledged that if games are removed then you will still be able to access them and if the platform closes will remove it's DRM so you don't loose your purchases.
@itsnblackburn That's not true. PC is much cheaper once a game is a few months old, with prices being %50-%80 cheaper than console.
@kay0stheory Fair enough but that wasn't clarified initially. On release they are usually the same but it depends on the distribution platform and if the developer opts in to promotional discounts.
Really should be able to down vote on PH. This needs to be down voted!!!!
i wish they give money to starving people in africa (or me) instead of making this intro video
Too expensive for what it is. Not enough storage either. Overall a bust and I think it will flop and we will see it go on fire sale soon.
This makes me think of the future of stores like Gamestop, this was obviously inevitable but now that one big player has done, will playstation and nintendo follow suit much like what happened with Apple and the headphone jack?