Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

A customizable pro-level controller for XBone by Microsoft

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Thats. Really. Cool. Anyone know if sony is doing something similar? Don't they usually battle back and forth on hardware? Or is this unique/innovative for Microsoft only?
@mscccc We didn't see any releases like this from Sony last night. So at first glance, it doesn't look like it! +1 Microsoft :)
This is definitely my favorite part of the E3 conference so far. As a Sony fanboy, super jealous of the Microsoft crowd for once. Happy to see the MadCatz-level of customization available first-party.
Definitely going to try one before buying, but looks like the way to go for professional couch gaming
I was very excited to see this announced during Microsoft's E3 conference yesterday. This really shows the growth in E-Sports and consumers wanting to customize every last bit of their gaming experience. The Elite controller sells for $149.99 and is fully customizable right down to the replacement of the D-pads and thumbsticks! So who's getting one?
Looks really cool and high quality also. Will give it a try if I can.