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I've been really interested in the watching the growth of Alibaba over the years, especially when they tried to enter the US market with Aliexpress. I think that the Xbert's approach of leveraging influencers to vet and verify the pre-launch products makes sense. I'm curious how you Xberts got so many influencers (10k+) on their platform! What was the story behind this?
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@liveink Thanks for the comment. The magic to get influencers is that we can bring them unique opportunities to try and review the coolest compelling products from the "EASTERN WORLD". They can get the free sample in exchange for their reviews, and their reviews will also help manufacturers make a bigger impact!
@liveink Thanks for the question, Kevin! The way we get started Xberts is building a community of Experts and influencers talking about hardware products first, and it grew pretty fast because in our community we not only talk about products but also get real products shipped to them for reviews every week for free. Sometimes we will set up monthly "Review Campaign" for picking the most creative review content with rewards. The words get spread out very quickly once you start shipping the real products in good quality to people's hands:)
TechCrunch: "Xberts – Platform for China’s wholesale manufacturers Xberts want to take on Alibaba by building a network of Chinese hardware manufacturers that can hock their items directly to a worldwide consumer base. There are 120k hardware manufacturers in China and 84 percent of them are exporting product through wholesale channels. Xberts is building a platform that relies on reviews from influencers to help foster the relationship between users and manufacturers. They’ve built up a network of over 10 thousand influencers and are currently representing 450 manufacturers." Seems like a really cool idea. Will definitely try this out 🎉
@mkaroumi Thank you for the post. Would love to have more awesome people to join our community.
@mkaroumi Could you please add me and @startupxberts as the Maker ASAP. Thanks!
@mkaroumi Can you approve me as the maker? Thanks for the post!
I believe innovation and creativity can improve our lives and make our world a better place. Xberts is building a new place for people to discover and try the latest innovative products. The goal is to connect incredible innovators with their most passionate early adopters and evangelists from around the world.
love it! only upset that the link didn't go to a qbert clone, but signed up anyways
@passingnotes Thank you for joining Xberts!!

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How to go toh the site. If i go it says server not found or retry every time.