Xara Cloud

The simplest design tool for business documents

Xara Cloud is the easiest way for businesses to create engaging documents, manage and build their brand and boost workplace collaboration through a single easy to use drag and drop platform. No design or technical experience needed.

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Hello everyone and thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us! We built Xara Cloud to enable anyone to create meaningful, design-quality content that performs. Social media graphics, customer presentations, e-books, product brochures, web banners, etc. need to look stunning and also follow the company’s brand guidelines but businesses often lack the resources to hire designers to do all of this. This leads to hours spent revising content, brand inconsistencies or even mediocre content. We created Xara Cloud to avoid this.  Xara Cloud is a SaaS platform to create documents of any type from professionally-designed templates and a drag-and-drop editor. No design experience is needed. Our goal is to bridge the gap between content creation and professional design for any business by combing ease-of-use with powerful tools that allow anyone to create visually stunning content. Cool things you can do are: • Apply ‘auto brand’ to create a balanced color scheme from your logo or image and use it across all your content. • Design a single social media graphic and immediately build a multichannel campaign with the automatic resize to all popular channels. • Collaborate with your team on any document with real-time editing and rich commenting capabilities. • Edit images, apply filters, and even color them to craft a specific mood. • Represent your message with visual elements, bars, diagrams or icons. • Import and export to common formats, including powerpoint. Check out Xara Cloud and bring your business documents to life. We welcome your questions and feedback!

Would recommend to a friend, and would like a couple of specific feature implemented, their support has taken my suggestions so look forward to the Future


Easiest way to get everything under one roof. Loads of features and really quick and easy usage.


Doesn't currently have controls for setting up an account for my team, so collaboration is great but each person was setup manually.

Hi Ben, We are really glad that you are enjoying Xara Cloud and find it easy to use. Soon we will be launching a powerful new feature that allows businesses to create unique ‘workspaces’ for their brand. Businesses will have the ability to invite team members and manage user access, all from a single console to boost collaboration and brand control.
I have been using this now for several months. I am in love with this product. We are a small business and focus primarily on small businesses with no website. The ability to direct publish to domain and the customers have the ability to check all areas is a awesome tool
@dawn_sibley I am glad to hear you are enjoying Xara Cloud so much!
@ana_garcia_cortes I am having one issue with it. I can not publish to website on xara cloud or the domain on xara. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hello @dawn_sibley, we have seen your message in the product chat and we will gladly help you from there 😃

I used for about a week and I was pretty satisfied with the quality of the output I could produce, since I usually struggle with the other tools that I use.


Quick and easy way to create a business document with simple graphics.

I used it to create a draft specification for corporate usage quickly


Doesn't allow to upload the images you create from a template directly to Facebook or Instagram, so you have to download it and then post it

Hi Billy, I am glad you find Xara Cloud easy to use. We don’t have the option to upload directly to Social Media for now. It was pretty high up on our product roadmap, however after speaking with many marketing managers and social managers that use Xara Cloud, we found out most of them use a separate application to schedule and manage their social media post and don’t post directly to Facebook, Instagram etc. Thus, we are looking at more value approaches on this feature for users.