Give 7 billion people an instant physical address

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Xaddress is looking to tackle a big big problem: "4 BILLION PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE A FUNCTIONAL ADDRESS ACCORDING TO A UNITED NATIONS ESTIMATE" THE XADDRESS SOLUTION IS: INSTANT OFFLINE CAN BE ENCODED/DECODED BY HAND WORKS IN ANY LANGUAGE FREE AND OPENSOURCE PERSONAL Create in 20 seconds and address that can be used instantaneously so that anyone can get from anywhere in the world DEVELOPERS: Create innovative solutions to global problems Integrate existing services with Xaddress to create new products and services MAPS/SERVICE PROVIDERS Supercharge the use of your services by incorporating 4 billion potential customers with Xaddress LOCAL GOVERMENT Use Xaddress to assign an instant address to manage repairs, taxes, shipping invoices, etc. @roberdam - would love to hear from you on the story here!
@bentossell -- nice idea Ben :) As of now, the map is not working, it shows an error message. I hope it will be corrected soon. nice share...
I just gave it a try but is giving me an error: Google Maps API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError Your site URL to be authorized: http://xaddress.org/try?lng=en
@rohillion please try http://www.xaddress.org/try?lng=es and let me know if you have problems Rodrigo.
Can you explain, "Can be encoded/decoded by hand"? I'm not seeing how that's done.... Also, how does this compare/contrast with What3Words.com?
@zefareu Hi Zefareus, Of course, you can find the step by step guides here with a example: https://github.com/roberdam/Xadd... Please let me know if the guides are not clear enough so I will try to improve them. What3words is great and they are making a fantastic work and having a big impact. The difference with Xaddress is that they are a commercial enterprise with a patented algorithm, while Xaddress is a free alternative and Opensource project, so you can use it safely on any project or idea you might have and start using it today without asking me or anyone for permission or access. From the technical point of view, I dont know how W3W works internally, but with Xaddress is clear how to encode/decode , even with paper, pen and maybe a pocket calculator if you are not very good with mats you can make it work. Xaddress looks more like a 'standard' address , for example this location : -6.7184 , 129.5080 in W3W will be percolator.surmount.retooled , while in Xaddress will be 7150 Magical Pearl - Maluku, Indonesia. Also Xaddress incorporate a visual 'avatar' or image to any address generated for error control, so if you misspell a letter in the address will generate another image, in this case 7150 MAGICAL PEARL will have a boot as avatar and 7150 MAGICAL PEARLS will show you a dog, so you can see right there that something is wrong. Let me know if this answer your questions!.
@roberdam Open source I like. The hand en/decoding process is pretty involved, honestly. I'll be interested to see how Xaddress grows!
I really like the simplicity of this concept
Thanks for sharing with the community, if you have any problem with the maps try http://www.xaddress.org/try?lng=es , happy to answer any question!