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All marketing channels become flooded with spam over time. Listening and responding to customers on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email, SMS and voice is often necessary but it does not provide a levelled up experience for loyal customers. In most businesses 80% of revenue comes from loyal customers or heavy users that make up 20% of the total base yet these loyals are exposed to the same frustration and noise as the rest. We created X&Go so that you can give your loyal customers a better customer service experience and a clear channel reserved for their needs. Q. Can your customers justify downloading another app; A. if they're heavy users of your product and are guaranteed great service via your custom IM app they probably can. Each X&Go client gets a custom, integrated, enhanced IM app (iOS and Android) and a rich business dashboard for business management. @rrhoover we reckon we're the first full stack custom IM platform - what your thoughts?