X Core

Earn a passive income by hosting encrypted shards of data

X Core, at the heart of the decentralized cloud. Earn money by hosting secure files in our decentralized cloud infrastructure.

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How is X Core different to all of the other decentralised storage solutions such as Storj, Sia, Filecoin, Maidsafe or even BitTorrent?
@robertsozolins in short, X Cloud and X Core are focused on being used by the mass-market, thus being able to properly compete with Sync, Tresorit, pCloud, AWS S3 (soon) etc. Storj, Sia etc are too complex too use and have too many bugs to be considered decent enough to be comparable to currently massively adopted services. More info here: https://medium.com/internxt/inte... PS. X Core stable's version is already live. X Cloud's stable version will launch in a couple weeks!
@fvsegarra after reading this article it seems that the only real difference that you are bringing to the market is better usability via improved user experience, not the technology itself? Also, most other decentralised storage solutions that you compete with are open-sourced. Is that the case with X Core? What is going to be your pricing in terms of storage and/or bandwidth?
@robertsozolins our main differentiating factors with Storj, Sia & co are usability and how well polished & ready to market the tech is. Absolutely all our code is open-source :) https://github.com/Internxt Finally, monthly X Core payouts depend on data stored (70%) and INXT held (30%, but not required to get paid). Bandwidth, Uptime etc are already plugged in the data stored variable, since our network chooses nodes to store data based on many of those other variables. On average, though, you can expect around $0,02 per used GB by the network per month.
@fvsegarra thanks for a more detailed answer. It might help to include some of these numbers in the original Medium article.
Will it be possible in the future to host files on a Debian server for example? I like how simple X Core seems to be but I don't want to host files on my personal computer.
@pierrickgt I second this question. I'd rather host files on a seperate machine running a linux distro
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Been connected for 10 mins, but not disk space has been used?
@austin_federa it takes a few days until the network starts sending you data. It sends you data once it recognises you as a node that's good enough to receive it. If you still don't have any allocated data in a few days from now, do please let us know though! <3
@austin_federa @fvsegarra "good enough" based on what factors?
@austin_federa @_sklahr_ Storage nodes are selected to store data based on various criteria: ping time, latency, throughput, bandwidth caps, sufficient disk space, geographic location, uptime, history of responding accurately to audits, and so forth. To determine monthly node payouts, allocated disk space bears 70% of the weight, and INXT held bears the remaining 30% weight.
@_sklahr_ @fvsegarra Been hosting for 3+ days, no activity. 250/20 connection speed.
@_sklahr_ @austin_federa Please make sure you've followed our tutorial, and check that port was opened correctly https://medium.com/internxt/lear... If you have further issues, feel free to join our community at t.me/InternxtHQ so that our 24/7 tech support gives you a hand!