Wyze Cam

$20 security cam - more intelligent, echo support, & IFTTT

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Wyze Cam 2 is still just $20, but now better than ever with more camera controls, Echo Spot video support, and integration with IFTTT. Shipping March 2018.

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@abn haha, give this guy more upvotes. Thanks for the link.
Fooled me once.. This low cost webcam is a disposable item with no features. It wastes more time setting one up every new release and I bought two already. Bottom line you get what you pay for for. Here a $20 webcam. No web interface No online streaming No movement detection (a falling leaf triggers it) Only 32gb sd cards, (do they sell that small still?) Poor resolution, poor sensor No connectivity only the smartphone app No community plugins or development Which is fine for a $20 webcam, but what is your time worth...
@androidlove will you share more about your experience?
@androidlove Very surprised to hear this type of review. I've been nothing but happy with my Wyze Cams (I ordered a few). I compare my experience with my friends and their $200 Nest Cams and they are very similar: Super simple setup Very reliable service High-quality video Reliable and customizable alerts Elegant design I'd also like to hear more about what negatives you experience with Wyze.
@androidlove I agree with @kristofertm, I picked up a couple of the first generation and have been nothing but happy with them. They do exactly what they say they do, easy setup and reliable and for only $20. Ofcourse, our experiences don't make your experience invalid. Honestly, the only thing that would make me more happy is for Wyze to release an outdoor version. (hint hint)
@androidlove Did you buy the Wyzecam or one of the other brands that look identical? I know Wyzecam has done a bunch of different stuff within seemingly the same form factor as cheapo ones.
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Yeah fair warning, I've had nothing but trouble with these. They work for like... two days? Then stop working completely. I've tried three.
I didn't see any further details regarding IFTTT on your site. What kind of applets are you expecting to be available? And is there any plan for having an API / web interface for folks to might want to hook these up differently than just using the phone app?
Great job !! Any free shipping to India?