The fastest discovery shopping app

Use wysker to discover new products faster than ever before while

earning wys tokens along the way - whoop whoop!

*shop at up to 20 items per second

*explore new products from 20 different categories

*browse through over 500 unique online shops

*earn tokens for downloading, sharing, and using the app

*enter stores with a simple double tap

*save your favourite items

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14 Reviews5.0/5
Congrats on launching @toberhaag @etienne_kiefer @citoc_ @ann_lauriene @ika_ros! Could you share more about the product and its background?
Hi @lamaalrajih, of course :) We are a Berlin based Startup working on the idea for the past two years. It all started with a new approach to mobile discovery which turned into a unique and crazy fast window shopping experience. It is sort of a whole day of shopping compressed into a single wysker session. In the background, the app is powered by our content management system that features new products from over 500 online stores from all over the world. New shops are being added on a daily basis and we are aiming to increase the relevance (product to user matching) by measuring user preferences and in-app behaviour. The company was founded by Tobias and Ann-Lauriene Haag (Siblings) together with their friend Kai Jaeger :)
Cool Idea and Really Really cool UX! Good job guys
@rnoero thank you!
@rnoero @citoc_ thanks man 😊 Try out the wykser product sharing feature. It has a pretty cool effect as it also shares the the in app experience!
Great job!! Super fast working. 😊
@ayush_chandra awesome! Happy to hear that :) Especially because loading at up to 20 items per second is quite a challenge 😅
lovely UI
Very cool...what are the tokens going to be used for..? Sorry if I missed that part..