Swipe-car buying app. Tinder for cars.

Hi hunters... we are relaunching Wyper as Findy! Search anything, everywhere. https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/findy-browse-search-find

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It only took Wyper about 8 swipes to realize I didn't like Miatas very well. Another 10 swipes and it knew I have a serious crush on the 370z. It's sure a lot more entertaining than going through CarMax!
@kikischirr Thanks for the submission! The personalized learning has been a challenge the more data we get the more desirable the matches will be!
And be sure to check out the additional details about each car that the app provides.
Thanks Kiki, and thanks Product Hunt for the submission! As the founder of Wyper I wanted to share a bit more about Wyper. Wyper is not just "Tinder for Cars" we set out to build the most powerful mobile app for car shoppers. 1. Wyper aggregates roughly 2 million used cars everyday finding the newest listings (More than Auto Trader) 2. Wyper learns what you like and stops showing you cars you have already seen. See something you dislike, swipe down and they all disappear. Dislike convertibles, dislike red... Gone! 3. Wyper has the largest data set of in-market use cars with the best analytics. 4. Aggregated seller reviews from around the web in a single click. 5. Anonymous communication: call sellers directly in app protecting your phone and email. Our results are based on value, social and personal learning, dealers can't buy their way to the top. We would love some feedback from the product hunt community on how we can make the app even better. We are just getting started, lots more to come.
@aaronrosenthal We should talk (wype.com) :) Could be some interesting things to come out of it.
fun way to browse something people are passionate about - love it