On-demand car cleaning service. Available in Santa Monica.

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If you guys have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer! Wype is bringing a whole new level of convenience to the relationship with our cars. Our effective car cleaning process uses no water, saving on average 38 gallons of water per vehicle. Because drought yo. In addition, we donate $1 to Charity:Water after every vehicle. So convenience, conservation and charity. Spreading good feels everywhere :) We currently service on Santa Monica, CA but will be expanding rapidly soon. Thanks! Get 10% off your first wype! WYPE10OFF
Anyone else notice that Jordan Farmar is one of the founders?!
Cool concept (wash anywhere), nice tie-in to the reality of water restrictions, and slick-looking app. While I don't live in Santa Monica, I am curious to hear/see/watch the process in action. I bet someone with one of those cars you feature on your home page would be especially concerned about things like scratches from a waterless treatment.
@zorbadgreek Thanks for the kind words and a totally valid concern. All the vehicles on our site have been done with the our process so its definitely safe. I put together a quick video that demonstrates how the process works -
Hopefully that sheds some light into our waterless process. With that said, we definitely have limitations. If you just came back from off-roading, Wype probably won't work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But for 99% of the vehicles out there, Wype is a great way to clean your car.
love this idea. You should build in someway for your cleaners to create before&after photos that get shared with the client. Would make it really easy for them to see the value and share it with their friends. Great photography will make a huge difference
@alancassinelli Interesting you say that. After each wype, our customers are sent a before/after photo as a part of the receipt which they will be able to share on their social media. The link they would share also appends a one-time use coupon.
did you have any learnings from Cherry failing as a business? Are you doing anything differently that you think will enable you to succeed?
@_jacksmith Great question. Based on what we were able to dig up, I'm not entirely sure if I can consider them as a failure. They were given an option to be acquir-hired by Lyft and I'm assuming based on their business data, they perceived that as a more viable choice. With that said, we do have 3 things that set us apart from Cherry: 1) Los Angeles - We are launching in a location where more are dependent on their vehicles as a primary source of transportation. With car ownership being such a dominant segment in the LA market, it makes sense for us to address the opportunity here first. 2) Product manufacturing - We manufacture our own products then sell to our detailers below wholesale prices. This enables us to make up for the little margin we make on the services end while maintain a consistent level of quality from vehicle to vehicle. 3) Domain expertise - One of our co-founders, Kevin, has owned an operated a mobile detailing company using the waterless process for more than 8 years. Leveraging his network and experience, this enables us to quickly deploy a well-trained force of detailers equipped to handle different scenarios of the mobile car care process. Whether or not this determines a different outcome to Cherry's is yet to be seen but we feel good about it :)