The fastest real-time local experience discovery platform

Been playing around with Wyndow for the past few days. It's a surprisingly easy way to find events going on around you right in the moment, or at a pre-set time when you know you'll be free, and book tickets quickly. Simple and intuitive UI, pulls relevant content and gives you just enough control. It's perfect for keeping yourself entertained when you're trying avoid your family over the holidays.
Thanks, @savvy_suarez! Glad that you're getting some use out of Wyndow. We launched the app to help travelers find quality options to spend their limited (often unplanned) free time, and found that users would continue to open up the app once returning home. Our aim is to cut through the noise, and convert the digital chaos of random, context-free local event content into structured, time-aware results that are easily-consumable through the simplicity of a Netflix-like UI. And in addition to events, finding movies that fit into your extended lunch break is now also super easy. We're currently in most major U.S. cities, and expect to be in Europe soon. Feedback welcome!
Wyndow has already become an essential travel experience tool. But more and more I'm using it to find local events in my own home town. Traditional event sites are so noisy they're mostly unusable for me. I'm not sure if they're using AI to filter out the noise, or just employ a large set of expert curators. Either way I've always been able to find great local experiences no matter where I'm at in the world. Can't wait to see what Wyndow has for me on my next trip.