A smart portable air purifier for your personal space

Wynd is a smart device that you can take with you to create a clean air environment - free of allergens, germs, and air pollution - wherever you go. It consists of two parts - a portable air purifier that generates over 9 liters of clean air per second, and a detachable sensor that is the smallest and most accurate air quality sensor available on the market.

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Thanks for hunting us Hiten! Hi Product Hunt community! Wynd co-founder here. Our mission is to enable healthy air environments for people wherever they go. Today we're excited to be on Product Hunt and announce that after two and a half years of development we just started shipping! ✌️ Wynd is a portable purifier that’s powerful enough to clean your personal space of allergens, germs, and air pollution. In addition, since air is mostly invisible, we invented the world’s smallest and most accurate particulate sensor, which works with the Wynd Purifier to monitor and regulate air quality. As our community grows, we hope also to work with our users to crowdsource air quality so everyone can benefit from knowing more about their environments. We’re a team of MIT-engineers and designers, and have lived and breathed (no pun intended) air quality for the past couple years. We'd love to answer any questions about Wynd or the air quality space in general. Thank you! P.S. We’re offering for a limited time a special discount for Product Hunters. Check out the website for the code 😃 😺
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@rwu23 We know where the fat market is Wu. Get in there before too late.
Wynd is a neat portable air purifier that monitors and cleans the air in your personal space. It's also got a detachable sensor that tells you the air quality measurements for when you're on the go. If you've got a reason to purify the air around you such as because of allergies or sensitivities to poor air quality, Wynd is worth checking out.
@hnshah Thanks Hiten for hunting us! We're excited to be here!
We've been pretty happy with our Wynd device, their team are fantastic and very happy to help with any issues. The Wynd device has been filtering out a whole lot of stuff from the air already — we've got visible signs in our filter of just how much we'd previously been breathing in! Thank you Wynd. You rock!
@thatpatrickguy Thanks Patrick for your feedback and support! It is pretty crazy what the before and after of a filter can look like.
Does this help if your colleague is not a big fan of taking showers? If yes - I want one! =)
@alina_karnaukh Good question and sorry to hear about your situation :P Wynd is more of a particulate filter, which includes things like pollen, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, and air pollution particulates (generally from the combustion of things like fuel or coal). The medical-grade (the material is certified for use in hospitals in the US) filter also has silver impregnated inside which can kill germs on contact. However, if the issue is more of an odor issue Wynd may not fully capture those "organic compounds". If your issue is more around removing allergens and air pollutants, and also monitoring them then Wynd can do a good job, but I did want to provide transparency on what it can and can't do. 👍
Love this product!