wynd 2.0

Shipping so you don't have to.

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Over the past year and a bit, we’ve helped thousands of people and businesses ship. During that time we’ve learned a lot. Today we bring wynd 2.0 - an all new brand and features like sharing and receiving packages, address-free shipping and shopping order tracking. Give it a try and don’t forget to use promo code ‘PH20’ to get 20% off of your first shipment!
What makes you different from Shyp? Is it the last mile delivery feature for NYC that allows you to fulfill retail needs? When shipping outside of NYC, do you use traditional providers?
Great questions @santoshsankar We're different from shyp in many ways. To name a few: we offer Same Day delivery within our markets of operation (they don't), we don't charge for pickups or packing (they do), we also offer transparent pricing (what you see is what you pay) and are generally cheaper than they are. Another major difference is that we also ship for businesses. It's not just the last-mile delivery - our direct plugins for e-com platforms, hands on customer service and custom packaging allow us to fulfill businesses' needs. When shipping outside of NYC (or using wynd Standard, Second Day, Next Day or International) we use our partner carriers.
This seems like a very interesting product. Where are you currently supported? Do you support areas that you don't offer the 1-hour delivery in? (e.g. outside of NYC)
Thanks @amyers We're currently up and running in NYC. Our wynd Now service (delivery in an hour max) is supported in Manhattan and Brooklyn, other than that we ship Domestic US and Worldwide just like the post office.
@gamalhelmy But you only support shippers in NYC? Correct?
@amyers Yes, at the moment we only service NYC shippers.
@gamalhelmy Thanks! Let me know once you expand even if it's through regular USPS/UPS/FedEx pickup from alternative locations. We'd love something like this in GA.
Do you ship to in India anywhere ?
@taher_timalia We ship Worldwide 🌎
Wow! What's the biggest bottleneck in your business?
@chriskarimian I think I understand your question correctly; we haven't really experienced one yet as our e-com foundation is solid and ensures a nice flow of packages throughout the day. If this wasn't the case, and if we weren't prepared with a sufficient number of specialists, I would imagine a bottleneck situation arising if everyone requests a pickup at the same time. Hope this answers your question!