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Hey Gamal, this looks great! If you were here in London I'd use this today. Any plans on expanding out over the pond?
@fredrivett Thanks! We're approaching the isles very swiftly!🚀
@leonardschaltz Looking forward to it! 🐎💨
@leonardschaltz how about Brooklyn -- any ETA for this fine borough?
@jhubball too name a few, in Brooklyn we're currently servicing the Dumbo, Downtown, Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint areas! For more details and zip codes, pls check out our description on the App Store.
@fredrivett if you are in London you can use Weengs
Hey Product Hunters! We started wynd to solve the shipping experience from end-to-end - for businesses and regular users, no matter what they’re shipping. Please give wynd a try and don’t forget to use promo code ‘MEOW50’ to get 50% off of your first shipment. Tell us what sucks or what's cool, what doesn't work or what's really nice, what's ugly or what's beautiful. We've been working on this for a while now, so we're really looking forward to hearing your feedback!
@gamalhelmy why is phone number necessary for domestic shipping? I ship a lot of sneakers sold on ebay and other sites - normally I do not receive or ask for their phone number.
Thanks for the question @conradd The reason we ask for phone number is so our carrier partner can call the recipient incase they are not home while the package is being delivered. Our carrier partners request that in order to provide the best possible service too.
@gamalhelmy OK I've been using Shyp for last 3 months and only have to provide a phone number on international orders. Thanks for the quick response - waiting for customers phone number and will be trying out the service.
@conradd Great! Having phone numbers allows us to guarantee the best possible service and have a hands-on approach.
@leonardschaltz Ok. Currently, I have the recipients information entered, photo taken, and pack sizing entered (think this is an unnecessary step - I dont want to have to enter this information). When I hit Done I am getting an error "wynd could not load shipping rates" [try again] [ok] -- trying again presents same popup. Hitting OK brings you back to Item Detail - hit Save - now I am confused because there is no way to request a pickup. Let me know best email to reach you at and I can send some screenshots and get additional help. Side note about design - I would set keyboard to only numbers for entering CC information.
I'm all for avoiding the post office, @gamalhelmy. 😁 I have to ask, how does this compare to Shyp.
@rrhoover that’s a great question. wynd offers everything from express Domestic and Worldwide service to intercity messengering all through the same simple steps. While building wynd we realized that we also wanted to bring more moments of joy for shoppers and more business for shop owners (thats mostly what you receive in the mail these days). In order to do that we had to bring them closer to each other by developing extensions for e-commerce stores and fusing the ecosystems to bring both users and businesses beautiful packages and a fast seamless solution without breaking the bank.
I'll give it a shot -- I'm a huge fan of Shyp.
@harryraymond please try it out and tell us what you think! Regarding shipment price - the prices are dynamic and change based on item and destination. We get you the cheapest prices possible. Pickup and packaging are FREE of course 🙌 We do ship alcohol 🍸 whether its local within the hour or around the world. (bottles must be sealed though) Ship and sip!!