Dating app where women have to approve men to join.

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But what about creepy women?
wonder what @badeen thinks? If there aren't females involved in this creating or running this app then i'm a bit skeptical.
This has similarities to @a5steve's MyCuteFriend, where women have full access to view guys' profile. Once they "like" a guy, he has the ability to reciprocate or not, opening a chat (similar to Tinder) if the feeling's mutual.
Nice app, a similar one exists for the Indian market which seems to do well. I was part of a team at London Startup weekend last year, we created a dating app called Elimidate where once again the girl is in control. We went on to win the competition. The product has changed hands a few times. http://elimiapp.com/
@eriktorenberg Wyldfire was created by men, but I joined because I fully believe and support the idea and concept of the app. We are not ignorant to that fact that creepy women exist @bramk...I definitely know a few... That is why we have a strict flagging policy. Women are just held more accountable because they are doing the inviting. They can be placed in review due to the flagged behavior of a man they invited.