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Interesting concept. How does it work? I mean, where does the art come from? Can people from all over the world use the app? If I'm in Europe, am I able to buy things from US?
@danflopes Hi there, I am Matthias - cofounder at wydr - wydr is an open platform and so the art comes from everyone that wants to participate from all over the world. And yes, you can buy art from any artist from all over the world.
Hi this is Matthias - cofounder at wydr - I am happy to answer any questions you might have!?
@nivo0o0 thanks a lot!!! :-)
This is awesome. I love how unique each piece is and that you're letting the user decide what they like. Definitely going to upload some of my paintings today.
@mrschuette thanks. Let me know if I can help with anything.
@mrschuette thank you! that is great to hear / read and we wish you as all our artists great success :-)
Looks nice! How does this compare to Artsy?
@jenleeny Artsy does a great job for their audience. Wydr isn't about the traditional fine art market and therefore doesn't need to follow the rules set by that industry. Wydr has no curator to tell you what's good and expensive. We are connecting you directly with the art work. You decide what you like. Artists get feedback on what users like, and users see what’s hot.
Just checked Wydr, such a great idea. Always delighted to bring art closer to what it is rather than what it should be perceived as - by the "experts". Your product definitely opens this direct communication and I will definitely recommend it :)
@ideasrex thank you :)