WYD Pride is an LGBTQ-focused maps app that lets you instantly see gay friendly places nearby.

With one tap you can access a location's tagged Instagram photos as well as read Yelp reviews. We support 3 different modes: List View, Pin View, and Augmented Reality Mode.

50% of all proceeds are being donated to charity organizations.

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Hi everyone - I created WYD Pride because I wanted to create a LGBT-focused maps app that would give members of the LGBTQIA community one-touch access to locating gay-friendly places nearby. In honor of pride month, I thought it would be fun for people to be able to visualize their city using the rainbow emoji. I think this will be incredibly useful for people who may be unfamiliar with their gayborhood or certain cities where gay venues are not as well known. Simply drag the map to any area in the U.S and tapping the rainbow icon will show you the nearest gay-friendly places. 50% of all proceeds are being donated to select charity organizations. Future plans to expand this globally with the ability to easily toggle between locations and add venue preferences. Comment with any features you'd like to see!
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@jhbuchel Oh how I *love* this, such a great idea!! 🌈
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Hate to be that guy, but I stumbled over the name "wyd" pride I read wyd as very close to white. That made me cringe. I am not a member of the community so that may be an issue.
@marvin_hassan Definitely not what this app is about!!! WYD stands for "What Are You Doing."
@jhbuchel Oh okay, now I get it.