See whats on in your area, and see who wants to go with you

Wyd shows you all the biggest events coming up near you across a bunch of categories.
Find out whats on or check what your friends are going to. Then post what you want to do, choose who to show that to, and see who wants to come.
Wyd is all about going out.
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Hi Product Hunt! I'm Daniel, the Aussie creator of the Wyd app and I'll be sticking around to answer any questions or feedback you might have on it. Social networks these days are making us all less social. We see someone's photos more but the person less. With Wyd I hope to change that. Wyd helps you find things to go to, and people to go with.
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@wydinteractive this sounds dope! are you just working on this yourself? also how long? how has usage been are people really going out and stuff?
Great product! Would be interested to know where you're pulling the event data from? Are users able to upload events?
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@lachlankirkwood We partnered with a whole bunch of sources to pull out event data. Then developed and optimised our own curation system to filter for just the good ones. Users are free to post events to any of the #tags they like - we have spam protection to ensure content is legitimate.
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@wydinteractive Sounds great! Looking forward to trialling it out πŸ‘
I just downloaded this.....is it only available in very large cities? Nothing shows up for me on the Explore page :-(
@leslie_heller :-( I can't say for sure without knowing which city you are in, but it's basically based on what users post or what gets picked up by our event curators. So unfortunately if you're in a rural area without many users yet you might not be able to find anything. More events are being added all the time so hopefully soon you'll find more going on..