Photo and video statuses with your friends

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If Snapchat and Down To Lunch had a baby, this would be it. I've been playing with it for the past ~week. I can see it sticking with a younger audience, especially those within a tight community like school/college, but Snapchat already serves as an implicit "status update" for me and my friends.
@rrhoover I use it with some friends and it's a fun casual way to stay in touch! (And I am not in college anymore ;p)
I think the app is really well put together and enjoy the chatting feature since it's collaborative. It's "faster" to me because the expiration is 3 hours for photos/videos and I like that you can ping friends to initiate something. Snapchat in that regard is still more status like Ryan mentioned.
@niket yeah I love the pinging too
Hey guys - awesome to see wyd featured here! We designed it to be a super fast way to find out what your friends are doing. It's one tap to ask a friend 'wyd', and then two taps for them to respond with a photo or video status of whatever they're doing right now. And as @niket mentioned, all of your friends can group chat on your current status, which leads to random hilarity, discovery of something new and cool (like restaurant/park/etc), or even people meeting up irl. It's super addictive (and fun) once you have like 10 - 20 friends on it. Would love to hear everyone's feedback!