WWDC for macOS v5

The unofficial WWDC app for macOS gets a brand new version

#4 Product of the DayMay 31, 2017

WWDC for macOS v5 is an app that lets you see the schedule and watch videos from Apple's yearly World Wide Developers Conference.

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Ha, the footer "WWDC for macOS is a native app (Electron Free™)."
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@binoyxj Good! People need to stop calling Electron apps "native".
@binoyxj Finally a well executed and truly native macOS app that has been posted on Product Hunt (some light in the dark age of makers claiming their web browsers that load a single page to be 'native' apps.)
Hi! A new year, a new WWDC and a brand new version of the unofficial WWDC app for macOS. This year we decided to start fresh and make a new app from the ground up, focused on simplicity, clarity and functionality. The app has a beautiful dark UI designed by @VicenteBorrell, as well as an amazing icon by @raphaellopesph. With this app you can see the schedule, watch sessions live as well as sessions from previous years. A new feature that we think will be much appreciated is the bookmarking feature. With bookmarks, you can mark a specific point within a video and add an annotation to it, this way it's easier to refer back to specific topics that are interesting to you. Coming soon is syncing and some more 'social' features like bookmark sharing. The app is fully native, open-source and totally free. It is available for download now and the automatic update for users of the previous versions will go out later this week. If you have any bug reports or feature requests, please post them on GitHub: http://github.com/insidegui/WWDC...
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This app just keeps getting better and better. Great work! 👍🏻
This is great. Slickly designed!
One of those invaluable apps to have this time of year--thank you! The new design is solid. Keep up the great work! +1 on Bookmarks. How are you thinking about sharing? I think it'd be slick if folks could just mark their bookmark as `public` and anyone viewing that video would have them. Especially great for those among us who just do not have the time to watch everything we want to. I can focus on the sessions I *really* want to watch and scan public bookmarks for the others. Think the Soundcloud timeline -- https://soundcloud.com/tycho/hor...
@xmcgraw Thanks David. Yeah, the sharing thing will be kind of like that, you'll be able to mark some bookmarks as public and others will be able to see them.
@xmcgraw Also see Wipster for a video notation tool as reference for this. They do a great job of showing comments from multiple people over video on a timeline. https://wipster.io/