WWDC Connect

Connect with Apple WWDC attendees using QR Codes

I created an app for Apple's WWDC to allow developers and attendees to easily connect with each other using a QR Code. The goal is to make it easier to stay in touch with people you meet, replacing the need for business cards.
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Kervon Ryan
Software Engineer, 2017 WWDC Scholar
I attended WWDC in 2017 and I noticed that while some people had business cards, others didn't. There was no way to keep track of who you met. So I wanted to solve this problem. WWDC Connect is an app that allows you to easily, with the scan of a QR Code, connect with fellow WWDC attendees. You can then create a custom note for that person to allow you to easily remember them based on your experience with them. Features • Post to the feed, either a text or image post • Connect with users with the scan of a barcode • Create and edit you own custom profile • Comment on posts by other users • Leave a like on a post you find interesting • View all your connections in one convenient location and see the connections you've already viewed • View the location where you connection with someone If you know someone who is attending, please share this with them :)