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Save, post, and share your favorite places and create a bucket list for everything you still want to eat, see or do - anywhere in the world. Let your friends know why you love the places you love, because a pin on a map is almost meaningless without context.
Janine Schafer
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    Janine SchaferTravel and Food Aficionado

    Perfect travel app to keep track of your favorite places and experiences and to share them as detailed recommendations with your friends!


    A instagram or Google login would be great! Also an Android version is still missing!

    I love this app to keep track of all my favorite hotels, restaurants, boutiques, sights, bars and experiences all around the world in my own world map.

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This app quickly became an app I cannot live without any longer! I have solo travelled the world, discovered awesome places and tried amazing food abroad - only to forget the name and location of the places once I returned home. I had started using Evernote to create travel agendas, to write down names of restaurants I heard or read about and to keep track of all the places I had visited. But a name or address becomes meaningless after a few weeks, months or years without any context or photos. Wuzgud is the app I have always wanted! I mainly use it for myself to keep track of my favorite hotels, restaurants, boutiques and sights all around the world, so I can revisit whenever I want to. But it's perfect for sharing your recommendations with friends, since you do not need to write down any more context (like: "get number 101 on the menu" or "this place is cash only" or "only come for drinks and the view, food is not great" etc.) - everything they need to know to have the best possible experience is already there, written down by you for your future self and your friends to enjoy.
Can we get an Android version?
@anna_0x I am waiting patiently for the Android to come out too. Using desktop for now.
@anna_0x Hi Anna, I am the wuzgud creator. Our Android version has just started development. In the meantime, you can access all functionality on our mobile-responsive website at https://wuzgud.app
@mistahenry Nice, thanks! Hoping to use it soon 😊
Clean design.. cool concept
Thanks for checking out my app. I'm Will, co-founder and developer of wuzgud. Quick backstory: I quit my job in the US as a software developer to move to Germany and learn a foreign language back in 2017. Naturally, I've really emphasized traveling around as much as possible. As I started exploring more of Europe, I couldn't find the right tool to save all of the spots I wanted to revisit and recommend to my friends, so I did what any programmer would do...and built my own :) To me, one of the key features of wuzgud is the structure of the posts. At first glance, wuzgud might just look like Instagram (and we don't mind you calling us the Instagram of Travel). Our posts emphasize photos first to help you attract users who are just browsing. But the real backbone of our posts are the recommendations, which essentially destructure a blog post into a number of simple categories that are framed as questions for the poster such as "What to order?", "How's the ambiance?", "When should I go?", etc. To us, a pin on a map without context is almost meaningless. We've added social features because we know that recommendations from friends/locals carry weight. Any time I checkout Google Reviews or Trip Advisor for a spot, I end up thinking most positive reviews are paid shills, and all negative reviews come from people that are generally negative or on their own tiny power trips. In wuzgud, you don't rate a place. If it's on your wuzgud, that means you think it's 5 stars. We're trying to create a positive place where people rave about the places they love. And if a good friend recommends a place they love to me, I generally go there and love it too. We have a website https://wuzgud.app that works both on desktop and mobile devices, as well as an iOS app in the Apple App Store. We are underway with the Android version and a number of other features. Come join us and show us wuzgud in your world!