Bold, private messaging. No followers. No likes. No ads. ❤️

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anyone want to trade a wuu invite for a google wave invite???
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Hello. Can I get An invitation?
@aayushxn dm me and I'll get you a code
@cyantist @aayushxn send me an invite too please.
@juanbuis I'll happily trade but there are codes below ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I just found this wacky photo messenger via @cyantist, from the co-founder of Ello. The direction reminds me of @john and @sammy's Shots, which also removed public follower and like counts to built a more welcoming place. Wuu is available to download now but you'll need to request an invite to get in. Maybe @paulbudnitz can hook us up? 🙏🏼
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I like this! =D
@paulbudnitz All the hook ups!!!! :D
@brianbest dm me and I'll get you a code
@cyantist To the twitters!!!
@rrhoover @cyantist @john @sammy @paulbudnitz this looks interesting, i'd love to check it out. invite anyone?
@PaulBudnitz The philosophy behind Ello is ensuring an ad-free experience and not reselling user data. I appreciate that, unlike other social applications, you are transparent about security caveats (complying with legal requests, user data remaining on third party servers after deletion and information sharing with affiliated companies), but how do you plan on building a sustainable business while at the same time allowing users to control their data? TLDR: What are you doing differently than Snapchat in terms of security?
Join me on Wuu. It's invitation-only! https://wuu.co/add/lucasbuick Invite code: G9PE Expires in 12 hours.
I was planning on finding this as silly as ello or Super (which this reminds me of - the app that was between Jelly and, well, Jelly), but it turns out its a really nice way to send notes to friends. Kind of SMS for creative people. Nice work.
@micah that's a perfect way to describe it