Adds beards to faces on the internet

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Wow, so advanced.
@rrhoover It is pretty awesome how precisely it is able to find chins!
This is Awesome! Wurstify turns your web browser into something new, something with a little more wurst to it. I tried it on every website and it works great! Here's a preview for the product hunt team.
This makes LinkedIn so much more fun.
Maker of Wurstify here. Let me know if you have any beard-related questions!
@bindrive It's interesting that your profile pic is umm...quite folically challenged.
@septerr Right now, Wurstify is limited to adding hair only to the lower part of the face, so I guess that's why. ;)
Re: beard questions Will 2.0 version allow to dye beards? An option to transform existing beards to mustaches would be incredibly helpful too!