Beautifully share upcoming trips and discover insider tips

Wunderlust is a simple and intuitive way to create a beautifully designed travel map and share upcoming trips, discover insider tips and connect over shared experiences.
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Hi Product Hunt, We believe travel is food for the soul and therefore created Wunderlust, a social discovery app for millennial travelers. Features include: - TRAVEL. Create a beautifully designed travel map and share upcoming trips. Add upcoming trip details, including your travel companions and one tap to share your love of travel on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Pinterest. - DISCOVER INSIDER TIPS. Request recommendations from your friends and locals to discover everything from the must try experiences, to the most Insta-worthy places. - CONNECT OVER SHARED EXPERIENCES. Meet other millennials who share your love of travel. You will discover fascinating wanderers who seek to build meaningful connections and share extraordinary travel experiences with you. Wunderlust is free to download and use. However, premium features like Connect, are optional subscription based with a 30-day free trial period. A huge shout-out and thank you to Nick Etemadipour @ittsnick for creating the beautifully designed City Kit which we have also incorporated as part of our city images set. If any of you intend visiting South Africa, feel free to add me on Wunderlust (username: @praga) and we will provide you will the best local recommendations our amazing country has to offer. We would also highly appreciate any feedback so kindly let us know what you think about Wunderlust. Thank you!
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Had so much fun developing this app! The travel map is my favourite feature🗺 Add me on Wunderlust, would love to hear your thoughts! My username is: @paul
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Great job!!😊 Will check it! Amazed with the videos, expecting more features
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@ayushchandra Thank you, much appreciated! More features coming soon:)
Register with Facebook or Mobile Number = instant delete, that's too bad, it looked really good
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@mtt_slvs will be adding sign in with Apple ID on next release.