Wunderlist for Mac Quick Add/Search

Shortcut to creating, reviewing and completing to-dos

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This is one of my favorite Wunderlist features we've ever released. I especially love the new search dialog. It's just like using TextMate, Sublime, etc. I guess it appeals to the nerd in me.
While there were quite a few updates that were pushed out (note the post), my fave is the Quick Add which is why I chose that one. It lets you add to-dos and reminders without switching apps—which is clutch when it comes to multi-tasking. The one (major) thing I love about Wunderlist, is how they continually make it easier for me to accomplishment what I need to.
@imcatnoone Thanks for the feedback Cat! Here's to checking things off your to-do list faster!
Love this. I especially love using Quick Search to launch lists with fuzzy matching. I'd really like to have a separate shortcut for Quick Search vs. Quick Add so I can open right on the view I want instead of the most recently used view, since I use both frequently throughout the day and it slows me down to have to check which view I'm on before typing a new task or search and hitting enter. Really good work though, it's always encouraging as a user when the apps you rely on keep improving at a rapid pace!
YES, is all I have to say.