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But my sunrise app still goes unpatched. 😧
Wunderlist Calendar app for iPhone, iPad and android which works with outlook app integration.
Such a nice to see wunderlist keeps growing under Microsoft hats,
@chadfowler why not a standalone application? or is there something similar in the pipeline :)
@chandan_im Hi! Microsoft already has wonderful calendaring support. Calendaring is hard to get right and we believe in doing one thing well and focusing on that. So, we're letting the Outlook Calendar team what they do best and just integrating with them. To be fair here it was @jsoltero and @pierrevalade's teams that did the work for this release using Wunderlist's existing APIs.
@chadfowler @chandan_im @jsoltero @pierrevalade But currently, outlook calendar and outlook email are combined in one app, are there plans to make these standalone any time soon?