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Luxurious and hi-tech absorbent period wear

Introducing the most comfortable❤️, hygienic, luxurious and eco-friendly 🌳 period underwear.

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Reusable menstrual underwear for all menstruators.


Amazing underwear for all menstruating people

gender neutral periodpants. Can be worn on its own. No disposable menstrual product needed



What differentiates these from Thinx?
@cenk You don't have to use any other menstrual product. Hold 20ml of blood. ❤️

Hi I am the CEO of WUKA wear and would like to thank @abadesi for putting out in the product hunt page. WUKA wear started beginning this year with determination to bring the most comfortable and eco friendly period underwear. It was created with in mind for all menstruating people from all walks of life.

Why WUKA wear? I myself grew up in Nepal where menstruation is a big social taboos. Many girls and women have lost their lives when practising chaupaddi, a social tradition where girls and women are sent to cow shed or menstrual hut during their period.

All my life i used rags as period product super eco-friendly but very uncomfortable. So, i wanted to created an ultimate period underwear, with no back ups which means you can use WUKA wear in any menstruating days with out any tampons or pads.

Pair of 4-5 will last you for more than 2 years.

With WUKA wear, we would like to break the social taboos around menstruation all around the world. Help every menstruators make sustainable and healthier choice for themselves and the planet. Last but not least help everyone save money.

Our underwear has been tried and tested by many girls, women, transgender, disabled teenager, hence all menstruators. Please visit our website to read and watch the reviews.


We recently completed our kickstarter campaign and raised all our funds in less than 2 weeks. We are currently taking pre-orders through our shop online and ship them worldwide.

if you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask me.



Ruby x


It's the ultimate period underwear so you can #ditchthedisposables. Period underwear for all menstruators #Wakeupkickassperiod/taboos


We have only one style and one design

Although I think the idea is great and I was really excited at the idea of having no leaks on my period and not having to use anything else, these don't work as they say they do. Unfortunately, on my heavy days, the blood leaks off the sides and then through my trousers and I definitely don't bleed more than 20ml on my heavy day so I'd be interested to find out how they came to this 20ml mark? Also didn't experience very good customer service when I sent an email about this issue. So unfortunately thumbs down from me, I luckily have found another brand which is a little more expensive but works wonders. Maybe the design and functionality is something that needs re-looking at?