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Watch your website build itself

Wuilt is a website builder that creates websites using just user-provided content. Wuilt wants you to spend less time staring at a screen, and more time growing your business.

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More cons --

Asks if you want to keep watermarks every time you publish.

The social links in the footer don't sync with the header.

Only 2 language options (English and Arabic)

The responsiveness for mobile doesn't look good.

Can't drag and drop.

Costs $99 USD to use your own domain. (Premium plan for annual)

Pretty nice. i wouldnt use this because i can code better websites. and i dont like drag and drop website builders..


Makes a website without you needing to code.

When adding a sservice it tries to find a photo on shutterstock.


Doesn't let you host your own code.

Has a watermark.

The gui is a bit messy.

Ahmed Rostom
Founder & CEO
Your feedback is highly appreciated, but as you understand that we're still in beta and this product isn't for developers but basically for business owner that don't have an eye for design or they don't have the coding capability. Thanks a lot for your feedback
the video makes coding sound hard but im a student in year 9 and i have a good looking website and all i did was ask a few question but i did the entire desiign by myself...
and it doesnt even give me the option to host it myself.
Anna Filou
Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
Demo video on homepage says "Conact us" instead of "Contact us" :P Can't unsee
Ahmed Rostom
Founder & CEO
@anna_0x 😥 Will be fixed now, Thanks