Meet WÜF, The World's Smartest Dog Collar (Kickstarter)

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An awesome (and adorable) Kickstarter running now. @pbandskelly or @jozeran -- maybe you want to talk a little about your plans for WÜF?
Beyond our own collar hardware & apps, we're also working on an open API platform that fully integrates with “man’s best friend”, to keep them safe, active, healthy and happy. We're considering endpoints and objects like these when we roll-out of our API: - Collar (e.g. battery, status, corresponding pet parent / owner details) - Locations: (e.g. last detected location & timestamp) - Proximity: (e.g. other connected devices like beacons and IoT within a pre-defined distance) - Activities (e.g. daily/weekly/hourly breakdown of activities recorded and analyzed as well as insights about them) - Training (e.g. recommendations accessible to the pet parent who owns and registered the collar itself) - Content (e.g. free and premium content that can be displayed to the pet parent and used in conjunction with collar sensors) - Sounds (e.g. interaction using both pre-recorded and custom sound recordings for playback to the dog via the collar’s speakers. This endpoint also offers playback of audio detected by the collar hardware) We're also looking for developers & engineers who want early access to our API platform (read: one of the first API keys) in 2015.
@jozeran API key signup page?
We've all been there, with the best intentions to raise a great dog, but without the time, know-how or insights to solve all their little challenges. As a "learning" device that studies your dog's sounds, locations, activities and interactions, we paint a whole picture of who your dog is and where his major challenge areas are (barking, bolting out the door, being over-protective). From there, we give you daily insights and training, in a gamified way, to improve both your's and your dog's behavior. WÜF's goal is to use wearable technology to make it easier, safer and more fun to raise and maintain the "dog of your dreams" while still living the active, mobile lifestyle you love. Check us out at bit.ly/kickstartWUF
I remember before you were using wifi to have constant connectivity, is that still the case?
@josevieitez we've decided against WiFi for now as it adds additional costs, size and power consumption with only minimal connectivity advantages. Nonetheless, we'll continue to monitor and evaluate it's inclusion as we finalize our development. Thanks!
It's funny how many Kickstarter projects come in twos! There's also Lucky Tag funding right now: https://www.kickstarter.com/proj...
Could a bit more light be shed on the quantification of the training aspect? What sets this apart from Tagg, Voyce, Whistle, and the other Kickstarter already mentioned in this thread?
@joelle_writes Not a single one of those products focuses on training; they are all tracking devices for keeping tabs on your pup. There is value in that for sure, and they are doing cool things, but we are simply going beyond that. WUF is creating a product that helps dog owners, who have surely the best intentions, learn how to not be embarrassed or humiliated by their dog's poor behavior by providing a fun and engaging way to improve your pack leader skills, on a daily basis. Thanks!