Tinder meets Facetime

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Tinder + FaceTime = ChatRoulette? :)
@brentsum needing Facebook login and ability to flag users gives me the impression a small percent may try chatroulette style antics
@brentsum Being that this is location based I don't think the ChatRoulette problem will be as prevalent. Will be cool to follow along and see what happens :)
haha everyone's first thought! By adding search preferences and making the app localized we're trying to create an experience where the online conversation can lead to an offline connection. Thanks for the thoughts everyone :)
Chatroulette for Apple product ;)
I used to open dating apps during short breaks in my day just to kill some time... often I'm not totally "on" (eyes tired, hair messy) so not sure if i'd use it in those cases. I think people will be more self-conscious of first impressions on a dating app and appearance will be a factor. is communication going to be more live chat or ephemeral vid messages like snapchat?
It's all live chat, no profiles no pre recorded videos. Our vision is to make the connection as true to life as possible and cut through the fake profile pictures and long boring text conversations.