WTF Prank Candles

They start smelling great, & then, WTF!?

get it



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Lord Tyler WardMaker@lordtylerward · Started &
These candles start out smelling incredible, like your Grandmother's sweet apple pies. Then, when your victim is least expecting it... they turn into horrible scents, like Dirty Farts and Stank Breath.
Konrad Caban@konradcaban · CEO,,
I love the "Random WTF Space" on the page. :)
Lord Tyler WardMaker@lordtylerward · Started &
@konradcaban Yeah it's a really new product/concept so I didn't originally fill that in and then left it because I thought it was funny.
Konrad Caban@konradcaban · CEO,,
@lordtylerward Funny is good. And not boring. :)
Peter Askew@searchbound · |
golf clap for also buying too : )
Lord Tyler WardMaker@lordtylerward · Started &
@searchbound We bought a few! :)
Michel Velis@michel_velis · web developer
i ordered a moth ago and still have not heard nothing back neither received the product, beware.
Lord Tyler WardMaker@lordtylerward · Started &
@michel_velis Michel - Sorry about this! I just sent you an email. I have no idea how your email got lost in the mix last year (I did in fact find it & nobody responded like you said). Our customer service is sure to get better though because in 2017 as I'll be focusing on Prank Candles full time. Either way, normally we're really good at responding to customers. I sent you an email and will offer you a full refund or sent you a replacement candle (or 3 since you waited 6 months). Again - I'm so sorry about this.
Lord Tyler WardMaker@lordtylerward · Started &
@michel_velis Hey Michel - I shot you a few emails. Are they going through? The tracking I have on the candles shows they were delivered. I'm wondering if you ended up getting them after all? Either way, I want to make things right on our end.
Julie DelanoyHiring@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
Soooo, how did you came up with this idea?
Lord Tyler WardMaker@lordtylerward · Started &
@syswarren My brother came up with it when we were drinking one night. He said it as a joke and I told him I was going to run with it unless he wanted to. I think he thought I was kidding but he was like, "I'm sure as heck not starting a fart candle company." We're really close though and he helps me a ton on it.